This A-6 package combines the elegance of an obviously preprinted piece that is made to seem less mass-produced by personalizing the card in three places--the salutation above the message, the salutation above the P.S. note, and the gift amount requested in the P.S. The card puts three faces on the appeal in the brief vignettes about Aron, Laura, and Justin. To add realism, the HandScripted portions are cocked at an angle. Not pictured here are a Computer HandScript-addressed envelope, a personalized reply device and a reply envelope.

Note Card Back and Front Cover Art

The small HandScript-addressed A-1 package is instantly appealing and sure to get opened because it looks like a personal invitation. It is designed to mail in high volume at low cost by personalizing only the OGE (outgoing envelope) and printing only the cover of the note card and the reply device in color. To further economize, neither the inside of the note card nor the reply device are personalized. Rather, donor information is gained as respondents write their name and return address CRE (courtesy reply envelope) and on the check he or she sends. The most important personalization has proven to be the OGE.

      A similar package sent in 2009, mailed by High Touch for The Food Bank of Alaska, gained new donors when sent to a rented every-household list with positive cash flow, according to director of development, Merri Mike Adams. This is noteworthy since few prospect mailings produce immediate positive cash flow. The primary measure of success for such campaigns is the number of new donors added to an organization's mailing list, with profit not anticipated until additional mailings to respondents produce second gifts.​

2. Economical A-1 Package (folds to 3.25" x 4.75") for Homeless Shelter Prospect Mailings

Front Cover of Michigan Note Card Appeal 

Courtesy Reply Envelope

Metro Rescue Mission Note Card Cover 

Michigan's campaign was segmented to differentiate between the university's Ann Arbor main campus and the branch campuses at Dearborn and Flint. In addition, sub segments were differentiated to match donors' giving preferences to individual colleges within the university.

        Rather than using a combination of conventional fonts and Computer HandScript, the entire text was imaged in Computer HandScript. If a note is short, as was the case here, this is possible. However, most campaigns are created to present the main message using a conventional font, while personalizing the card with a brief P.S. note at the bottom of the card and possibly crossing out and personalizing the salutation with HandScript. This style is illustrated below in a small A-1 size letter for Teen Challenge, a drug rehabilitation outreach to young men. ​

Inside of Note Card with HandScript Personalization

Inside of Note Card with Generic HandScipt Copy

Since 1995 we have developed campaigns for hundreds of clients. The following gallery contains a representative sample of these designs. You can commission a special card cover or letter art, or we will gladly collaborate with your in-house of freelance artists.

Metro Rescue Mission Generic (Non-variable) Reply Device

Sample Note Card Covers

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Custom Letters and Cards

Back Cover of Michigan Note Card Appeal

HandScript®-Personalized LETTERS & CARDS Make an Emotional Connection & Increase Response!​

3. University of Michigan A-6 (folds to 6" x 9") Note Card Fund Appeal​

4. Teen Challenge Small (4.75" x 6.5") Letter Fund Appeal

While most High Touch Greetings are produced on note cards, we also produce letters of all sizes. This particular note is the same size as our A-1 note card. It folds down to 3.25" x 4.75" to fit inside a 5-Bar (4.125" x 5.725") OGE with a reply device pictured below that fits into a 4-Bar (3.625" x 5.125") CRE. This generic letter uses is personalized with a HandScripted salutation (printed above a crossed out generic "Dear Friend" greeting) and HandScripted P.S. ​

HandScripted Note on Inside of Note Card Appeal

HandScipt Personalized OGE and Generic CRE

Sample Fund Appeal Letter and Card Packages

1. Concordia University Chicago A-6 (folds to 6" x 9") Note Card Fund Appeal