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Let Us Create a Custom
Thanksgiving Card 
Just for Your Organization

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HandScript®-Personalized LETTERS & CARDS Make an Emotional Connection & Increase Response!​


     All cards are 4-1/2"x6" when folded, though some appear larger here in order to more clearly display copy.
     All cards are printed on 9-point 65# cover stock.
     If you have a concept for a custom design, we can create a card to your specifications.
     Basic cards contain
 non-variable custom sentiments inside, printed in black.
     Upgraded cards contain personalized salutations and notes.
     All envelopes are addressed in
 blue Computer HandScript simulated handwriting.
     If your mailing qualifies, we can affix and cancel discount stamps to create the look of first class mail.
     Our service includes all mail shop services . . . we take all the work off your shoulders.
     If preferred, we can box and send cards and envelopes to you to sign, address, stuff, stamp and mail.​